How To Analyze Your Chess Games

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In this video, I am showing how to analyze a chess game with a computer and learn from mistakes. This is a really important skill for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players as well. We take the game in 3 phases: opening, middlegame, and endgame, as well as practicality of computer suggestions and time management.

0:00 Intro
0:57 GAME 1 – RATED 1044
11:00 GAME 2 – RATED 1537
23:40 GAME 3 – RATED 2306

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  1. 18:25 isn't the mistake a bit deeper than that ? if you take the pawn you create a massive pin on the e pawn. pinned to protect your rook from being captured by the bishop and locking your bishop and/or queen to the diagonal of the other rook to not have the pin of a backrank checkmate. Pawn push now doesnt work and white have an idea of horse D4.

  2. Iirc stockfish considers white scholarsmate on black losing until M1

  3. im a 400 elo sacing knights and doin brilliants

  4. Now it isnt a brilliant, they changed how brilliant moves work…

  5. so when is it a good idea to go with what ever the engine says?! is it realy usefull to use stockfish analysis?

  6. levy my brother fell down and got seriously ingured

  7. The grand master you won't regret having a course with him….not only for his good ideas for his playing moves……. it's qlso for his teaching….. it's incredible

  8. Watched this video twice and I wish I could like it more times. Thank you @GothamChess.

  9. I played 2 games in a row over 90% accurate and since then I haven’t been able to play a game over 85% it’s ridiculous I know I’m still learning but I feel like I don’t make many blunders so why is my eval so low now

  10. For those who still dont understand analyzing and the difference between Gotham way of analyzing and the computer
    Its just that the computer sees the next 5 or move which a mere human can't

  11. "we only have computer after "
    Me: *nervously sweats*

  12. Suppose the king is on e2. I once played queen to d2 check out of impulse, and only realized later that the king can take. But the position was such, that the computer also gave it 'brilliant'!! Why I am 700 rated.

  13. How about when you lose your bishop because you didn't see the danger and in a state of flustered panic you go and do the same with your queen and the bot ranks them both great moves.
    I went on to lose of coarse but it has happened a few times

  14. You lose your Queen: blunder! Hikaru and Magnus lose their Queens: Geniuses. 🤣
    I see one move ahead, tops 2. The guys have all the billions of combinations stored in their minds.

  15. your girlfriend is now your wife! congrats!

  16. How to analyze your games:
    Step 1: ignore the engine

  17. what normal people call their Girlfriend: Honey, beauty, cutie…
    what he calls his Girlfriend: White

  18. Nahh bro hes just saying white played a great game cuz its his girlfriends lmao

  19. Me losing in 24 moves

    Computer: eh it’s at least an 80% game

  20. Going back and watching my old games only to yell at my past self like a madman "Bro, TAKE THE %&$#ING QUEEN!!!"

  21. Best chess streamer! Educational for all chess levels, entertaining, and funny man!

  22. Stockfish: That was a bad move because in 17 turns, your opponent will by up a pawn

    Me: I'm playing against Martin…

  23. Dude I'm 350 I avarage 85 accuracy and my enemies avarage like 80

  24. This is the best video of Gotham chess even after 2 years

  25. you have no idea how u helped me. love your content <3

  26. I tapped on the vid and a horror trailer popped up and I shit my pants as it is almost midnight and I’m 11 years old

  27. Pov : you thought your phone was broken.

  28. 3000 rated cyborg 😂😂 that’s why levy isnt a Gm still

  29. this is basically him saying that you shouldnt believe it when a 4000 level robot says youre trash

  30. Ty you got me a brilliancy after watching this

  31. thank you. does anyone have a link for a beginner how to actually read the computer lines?

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