How to avoid a Stalemate in chess – for beginners.

The course “Chess for Beginners” consists of 75 lessons and is suitable for kids and novice chess player with ELO rating 0 – 1400 – 1600.

Lesson 7 “How to avoid Stalemate in chess” (ELO 0-1400) is presented in this release.

After studying the course “Chess for Beginners” player can begin to study the course “Chess for intermediate players,” ELO 1600-1800, and then Course “Chess for strong players” ELO 1800-2200.

Each lesson includes a theoretical and practical material and homework. The answer to your homework you can see in the next lesson. After studying each lesson player must play 1-2 games with an opponent or a chess program at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Warning! Do not play chess, looking at the monitor – it is dangerous for the eyes! Do not be chess dummies. You must transfer moves on the real chess board!


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