How to come up with a Plan | Basic Planning in Chess | Beginner Level | IM Alex Astaneh

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In a chess game there might be situations where you don’t know how to continue your game. One important chess skill is being able to create and carry out a plan. In this video, IM Alex Astaneh is teaching the basics of planning and how to come up with a plan. In order to come up with a plan, it is usually necessary to use the technique of “Evaluation” to analyse the position.

How to evaluate Chess Positions?:

When looking for a plan, keep the following aspects in mind:

Plans are a sequence of interconnected actions with a specific goal in mind. However, it’s not only us who has a plan. When we play against strong opponent’s they will have very clear plans as well. Therefore, for any planning we do, we must take into account the plans of our opponents. That sometimes will call for Prophylaxis.

We need to be clear in order to create a strong plan, we must have a strong understanding of the position and in order to do that we need to carefully evaluate any given position.

Don’t get to attached to a plan! Sometimes it is required to change your plan. Don’t stick to your plan. Always be flexible with your plans and be prepared to react and change circumstances.

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  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love from India…

  3. I watched the video with the plan to improve my chess ,next I plan to make a plan in my games which I hope goes as planned

  4. Very instructive video and tips as well!
    Keep going & best regards

  5. Most times it's my opponents plans that are better than mine! It would be good to have a video on moves that you should never do like putting your king on the same diagonal as the queen where it can be taken after check (but less obvious moves than that!) and avoiding knight forks etc.

  6. Planning = evaluation > calculation > movement

  7. Hi, great vid,
    I once heard that you shouldn't do opening prep until you are 1800 or if you are a kid- 2000. Could you tell me from your own expertise where does this difference come from?
    Already watched all your stuff and waiting for more!
    Keep up with the great work

  8. why not centralize the board and make it a little bigger?

  9. This kind of information is very hard to find in video format, let alone this thoroughly explained. Keep up the good work, just the matter of time before you hit big subs. 🙂

  10. A very difficult skill to learn. Great example from an amazing player. Thanks! Another excellent lesson.

  11. Hello Astaneh, big big fan.
    Can you suggest me books which help me recognise characteristics of a position which will help me make a plan.
    Thank you so much, keep growing 👍

  12. Very good …. There are so many things I have to learn ….

  13. Hey man! Love your content 😉 A small request.. Can you make Live Streams with GMs or Titled players?

  14. You have a very captivating interesting voice. I really believe you could do commercial voiceovers . Your voice is very unique much like MORGAN FREEMON.

  15. Awesome planning chess video, one of the best on youtube

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  17. Wonderful video and wonderful explanation…Thanks so much for your time and your videos

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