How To CRUSH Beginner Chess Bots

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I take on bots in this video – Nelson and others.

0:00 Intro
0:28 BOT 1 – WAYNE – 250
4:50 BOT 2 – MILICA – 550
8:58 BOT 3 – SANTIAGO – 850
14:16 BOT 4 – MARIA – 1200

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  1. I had the opportunity to beat nelson with two rooks and queen
    Didn't actually know how steal mate works
    But then they gave it to me 🙃

  2. i defeated nelson yet i can't defeat antonio i've been trying for days and i only got close to winning like 3 times

  3. Yo Levy! You could've gotten checkmate right here! 4:05 by moving the rook to D1

  4. MCPE MCBE Redstone Tutorials Minecraft Bedrock! says:

    I love how some bots just adore Napoleon system

  5. Levy claims humans never play this way as if hes never seen the 14th best invention in this universe… guess the ELO

  6. 0:52 he was commenting on the Kings pawn game before that… weird move

  7. I actually beated nelson because of assisted and knew where he lands on and a two rook check or an accident check

  8. I'm so stupid my max is1200 elo I'm a bot basically.

  9. I can’t even defeat the mr beast bot and whenever I’m about to he turns it into a stalemate

  10. Watching Levy effortlessly defeat these bots makes me realise how bad I am at chess. Struggling against Filip.

  11. Bro im only 100 elo, please just go easy on me man
    Alright guys this is the open ruy lopez sicillian kings pawn bongcloud wayward queen fools mate gobs owen spanish accelerated london four knights kings fianchetto indian fischer random smothered royal fork en passant checkmate opening!!

  12. When he said no human being would play like that I got offended cause I did that and lost my first game against martin😢

  13. I had so much fucking trouble with Emir but when I beat him I was able to knock out the rest of the intermediate bots, thanks to Emir for helping me get better?

  14. A challenge for you is to:Try get a new account to 0 rating and then go try hard on the ‘less good’ people

  15. they let you have it because you could have killed their queen either way but that was better

  16. Levy : Everyone hates Nelson
    Me who beat him on the first try despite being rated 600

  17. personally, I prefer to offer up my knight… if they take it, I can play a knight down, and my queen is standing by to dish out some punishment (which yes, I've actually gotten a queen for a knight that way). If they don't take it, I'm in perfect position to go on a queen hunt that ends in a knight fork, granting me a queen for a knight. And if, by some strange miracle, they know how to get out of that situation, then I just continue developing and adding pressure

  18. I know easy trick to beat Nelson, just trade queens.

  19. It took me weeks to Beat Nelson but at the end i Made it

  20. Здравейте! My 4 year old son just beat me – ouch!

  21. How to win Nelson
    Go Defense and Offense and Sacrifice at the same time

  22. You checkmated a king with a pawn that’s really cool imo

  23. The wayne bot is better than most of the chess players

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