How to Defend Knight vs. Rook | Chess Endgame Basics #3

In this video, I show you the technique of defending with king and knight against king and rook. This video is part of my new series “Chess Endgame Basics” in which I show you elementary endgame positions and how to handle them correctly. The endgame is an important part of the chess game and the right knowledge can often make the difference between losing and drawing or drawing and winning. Enjoy watching!

How to Defend Bishop vs. Rook:

Here’s the Chess Endgame Basics playlist:

If you are on the defending side, always make sure to keep your knight close to your king. If you are on the attacking side, try to isolate the knight from the king, and trap it together with the rook and the king.

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  1. Hi Chess GrandMaster Niclas Huschenbeth Of Germany! This situation first happened to me this Thursday early morning of 1:37AM, March 24th, 2022. What I did was I kept checking the white King. I was playing Black King & Rook versus white King and Knight. I kept attacking the king with my rook and moving my king to trap the king for a rook king checkmate but the white's knight kept checking my King so my checkmate of rook king cannot be done. The game ended in a draw effective with the 50 moves rule. I ALMOST DEFEATED A DIFFICULT OPPONENT BASED ON MY CHESS ELO RATING! Now I learned the lesson how to do this properly not to keep moving your king and keep checking the king with your rook instead limit the moves of the Knight because the knight when placed in the middle of the board can only attack 8 squares at once. I never thought of doing this as I have said this is the first time it happened to me. NOW TIME TO TRAP THE KNIGHT BEFORE I DO MY KING ROOK CHECKMATE!

  2. thanks for a great inspiring lesson!

  3. Welch Rettung, ich habe das bis jetzt immer (verkackt) nicht geschafft ! NICE

  4. Bist du sicher das Zugzwang nicht Intermezzo heißt?

  5. learnt something new .always enjoyed ur lessons thanks hus

  6. I absolutely love all of your videos! Amazing work! Keep it up! However I would like if it is possible to make the videocoaching series also in english. My German skills are not enough for me to attend the video properly. I would really appreciate it.

  7. Give the technics how to win with Queen(+King) vs. Bishop+Knight(+King), please. I've searched it, but never found.

  8. Thanks Niclas. This series is really good!

  9. thank you sir..please make video on queen and rook endgame especially focusing on how to get philidor's position..

  10. Easy peasy. I'm looking forward to doing that in bullet games from now on.

  11. if you can't describe some moves then you should avoid these topics b'coz its nice to see but in reality it won't work

  12. Your endgame video is very nice please based video on queen,rook,pawn,king and queen,rook, pawn,king

  13. Most decent vid I’ve seen in the past several weeks.

  14. thank you, I learned it quickly with you. I simulated the defense against an engine and after 47 moves it left the Rook 🙂

  15. Ur explanation is smart Nd handsome like u

  16. Thanks brother
    Pl give many end games like this one

  17. Skipped investing the time in this setup. Cost me a game today.
    I assumed knight can always escape if in center of board, instead of getting pinned besides the king. Plus, R+K checkmate is only possible because of zugzwang. All so clever, so natural, concluded in 30 seconds – and total failure.

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