How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

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In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. wait, if i were to play the london, and my opponent responded with a king's indian, and then i castles queenside, wouldn't that make black's fianchetoed bishop more powerful if black ever launches a queenside attack against my king?

  2. I am a noob. I thought chess is for a relaxing/fun time… you convinced me it is not. There is no creativity or intuition or anything interesting… just memory – how many possible moves did you have in memory. Just like a computer.

  3. Hi I have played chess in the past, I didn't even knew there was names for specific attacks, this sounds kind of biased gameplays, at least for me that don't know much about chess, the way I see it if you are doing a particular move doesn't it make you predictable?

  4. "Chess is a competitive game and a war for a some people "

  5. I play chess with my dad and he places the queen of white/black in front of the king of black/white while setting up the board. I don't argue but it is kinda hard to play like that.

  6. after I saw this video I got my first brilliant (by accident) and I'm 800 elo!

  7. Jake has probably gotten tired of sending the link to this video toyone he knows.

  8. Wait is 1600 considered amateur? Am I dogshit?

  9. Been watching your videos tryin to get better. They have been very helpful thanks bro ggs

  10. Off topic, but I can finally beat Nelson consistently on challenge mode 🥳🥳

  11. The more you play against a good opponent the more you learn

  12. I loved seeing all the Vienna gambit examples, because as a dumb 400 it's my favourite opening as white

  13. Returning back to chess after decades away. What’s the best path forward? Any online recommendations?

  14. database helped me right now so much! there are alwaya some position i strugge with but now had the time to analyze some!

  15. I love how he pronounces Chess like "chez" 😎😎

  16. Dude, you go way too fast its as tho your just randomly clicking paths and legal moves . I need chess knowledge based on variations ,what they are called and why we move to a certain spot. i don't mind your videos but it doesn't teach me.

  17. How fo I open the computer and the database. I didn't understand that.

  18. The king gambit always puts me on back foot the bot always brings queen and check

  19. I like to start off with the dirty sanchez to open…transitioning into the rusty trombone and finishing off with the jelly donut for the ultimate endgame climax. I’ve taken MANY trips to pound town using this advanced strategy combo.

  20. "That is a nice percentage, that is a nice percentage“ you had me good there 🙂

  21. Studying chess openings is very easy. Just learn the London system and Accelerated London System.

  22. Is there a way we can do this using databases before we lose? Or blunder???

  23. If you'd rely on guides and tutorials to learn chess or kill some time by learning a bit more (like me)

    I made a playlist containing videos about chess that will teach you rules, terms, methods, and more

    𝙁𝙤𝙧 𝙗𝙤𝙩𝙝 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙥𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙘 𝙪𝙨𝙚

  24. Masters are fascinating im a beginner and i dont know anything. For me these games just look so random but all of a sudden his master plan just works out. Its fascinating

  25. Everyone: Love you so much! Such a help!
    Me: cracking up because he said ”That’s a nice number 😂”
    But seriously, you are awesome. I’ve learned so much from you! Keep going!

  26. "It's better to learn from masters"
    is it?
    Low rated players do not go up against masters. They go up against other low rated players. For whom something like the wayward queen attack won't always be punished effectively. Of course once they reach, say, 700, wayward queen doesn't really work. So they move onto something else. But probably not Ruy Lopez Berlin.

  27. I thank you for this video so much!
    This was genuinly the most educational video that i have ever seen. I ascended as a chess player up to a higher realm.

  28. Thanks for the video, you are very good at teaching chess!

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    10:03 hhcxxgf
    10:10 hgfhvdsa
    10:22 njgffdsaa
    10:47 hgffdw
    11:30 vgdftfssw
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    12:28 njggfffd

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    16:33 vccggcxzs
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    21:40 bbggggx
    21:58 kjvgggfd
    22:27 kgfgfsss

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