How To Play Chess For Absolute Beginners | Part 2

In this the second part of my chess video series for absolute beginning chess players we concentrate today on castling, captures, checks, checkmates and draws. Chess is the most popular board game in the world and has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently thanks to chess streamers on Twitch and many big streamers trying to learn to play. This chess video teaches beginners how to play chess and presumes you have never played chess before. I hope you enjoy this free chess lesson series. Chess is a great game, always a massive challenge and learning how the chess pieces move and how chess works is a skill worth learning. Thanks for watching my chess video!

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  1. Thank you for these videos. I haven't played chess since I was a child and have been challenged to play by one of my students! This has been very helpful in prodding the memory banks. 🙂

  2. I like the flow of these videos, I just came from how to the pieces move and how to set up the pieces on the board straight to how to play.

    Thank you mate, I am learning.

  3. Hello…thank you very much for doing this great video,it really helps for beginners and it's very clear…u r a good teacher 💐
    I have one small question (3.46 minutes) why can't we take the rook.

  4. Much easier to understand watching it on a real board instead of the others who use the computer to explain! Thank you.

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