How to Play the London System Opening in Chess and win #shorts #chess

How Play and Win in the London System Opening in Chess it is one of the Easy Chess Openings for Beginners i am Showing variations C3 and Knight c3

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There is a lot you need to know about chess
There is Chess openings , Chess Tactics , Chess Sacrfices , how checkmate , Chess Fork , double attack , discover check , pining , Tricks , Endgame tactics , middlegame tactics , Chess Analysis , zugzwang , stalemate ,
There is different title levels CM candidate master , FM fide master , IM international master , GM grandmaster and they all by rating
There is pieces ( pawn knight bishop rook queen and king ) every piece has its move
you choose from white or black to play
i played a lot of tournments , i play queen’s gambit for white , sicilian defense for black

but if you want improve ask me in comment i will answer you

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  1. To everyone saying this is not the London you are wrong the bishop comes out first in the ACCELERATED London system this in the London system also as someone who has studied London quite a lot I don’t recommend either of these for beginners as accelerated London has less lines (like 2-4) to learn.

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