How To Use Pawns In Chess

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A chess lesson for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level players on how to use pawns in chess. Pawn play, pawn breaks, pawn structure, and pawn storms are all covered here.

13:03 GAME 1 – 917
23:30 GAME 2 – 1655

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  1. My bf thinks I'm a nerd. I tried incorporating 'shoving the d-pawn' into our sexy talk. Now he thinks I'm a creepy nerd 😆

  2. "What you watching?", "Oh just a pawn video."

  3. What I hate about Levy: Dude makes chess look such a simple, easy to understand game and then I flub about like a moron on the very next game
    What I love about Levy: Incredible skills as a teacher who doesn't just tell you the right moves, but explains why they're good. Leaves me thinking I can get up there someday.

  4. The key is to complete their quest to become the ultimate transgendered warrior queen. Every classical footman's dream.

  5. There was once a cartoon in Private Eye magazine that showed two men playing chess. One of them was standing over the board and angrily emptying a box of pawns onto it. The other one sat back and said, "Ah, the Bush defence".

  6. That's what I don't understand few months ago I was 800 I still didn't hung my pieces now I'm 1200 I Still don't but how come the 1300 I play hung their pieces

  7. Honey don't worry about the other guy. He's only 900.

    The 900:

  8. 29:07 These are the moments we remember how much better Levy is than us at chess

  9. I’ve got a doubt before watching the video, so maybe ur telling this into it but I’m still asking:
    Every time as white I play the London, and every time i face someone who literally just moves pawns and queen I’m losing. It’s a weak spot in the opening or I’m just a stupid 600?

  10. Bro, you are such a good teacher, you were born to do this! Big love from Croatia👊😎

  11. levy: " I will shuv the D pawn in here"
    me: instantly checks comments

  12. Seriously great video. My vision has been changed by this.

  13. AAAA… Hello i don't know much about it but I think at 18:10 the knight was blocking the pawn so i think the move knight to a5 would be good? it' s just a query can you pls solve it out

  14. Bro, levy looks literally exactly the same 2 years ago as he does today

  15. This video shouldn't be free, its too good.

  16. I think the best move at 7:11 was rook takes g7. Taking was forced and then rook g1, king f7, queen e7 mate or he has to sac a queen.

  17. I hear pawn swarm and I think of someone throwing all their pawns at the board randomly

  18. Damn, that 900 played better than any other subscriber I've seen in these videos, gg.

  19. Watched this video a week ago and immediately improved alottt. Tried learning a couple new openings and down the ladder I go. Watched it again and improved again I did even with the new openings. Thanks Gotham!

  20. What's levy board colour pls tell me…
    I like that i don't know how to find?

  21. growing up is realizing that the pawn is one of the strongest pieces

  22. Wow! This is beautiful. I've never heard anyone analyse Chess like this.

  23. LevyRozman is chessgothams real name

  24. Tell me why my internet just stopped when he said " I will shove the D-" ☠☠

  25. "This is like the strongest 900 of all time by the way"

    I went to check and see how his rating had changed, and he was banned for fair play immediately after this.

  26. You talk too fast Gothamchess.. please try slowing down a bit

  27. 10:55 Ben Finegold is smiling somewhere. The only pawn you didn't move was the F pawn.

  28. but in my elo queens and all the pieces are fired in the first 5 moves which makes it REAALLYY difficult to think stuff like "pawn breaks" and what now

  29. 5:11 levy didn't play en passant this is unforgivable im unsubscribing i don't want to hear you name ever again!

  30. You got me started in chess a couple months ago. Thank you

  31. 28:03 you forced a good position cause getting a good position back can wait but "en passant" cant

  32. 6:48 that’s a beautiful looking game… I think black still had great chances of winning if instead of taking the knight on e2, he moved his queen to d6 and the bishop to d7 to protect the queen from a probable threat from the knight in e2.
    I wish I could play chess this way, I’m a slow chess player lol

  33. More work is put on thumbnail than i have put in my business work (🎒📚)

  34. 12:19 From where that pawn come from at F4? It wasn't there a second ago.

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