How To Win At Chess (Episode 1)

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This is a new series I’m launching called How To Win At Chess. This is episode 1. We will feature many openings for beginners, intermediate, and hopefully advanced players, as well as discussions of middlegame strategy, tactics, and so on.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 GAME 1 vs. 1059 – VIENNA GAMBIT
14:57 GAME 2 vs. 1124 – LONDON OPENING
28:30 GAME 3 vs. 1600 – SCANDINAVIAN
39:58 GAME 4 vs. 1612 – PIRC/KINGS INDIAN
57:58 GAME 5 vs. 1453 – CARO KANN ADVANCE
1:07:30 GAME 6 vs. 1453 CARO KANN ADVANCE
1:19:20 FINAL GAME vs. 1825 – A3 SICILIAN

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  1. Dont worry brother, you dont have to explain where youre looking. Anyone with an IQ of 5 or higher knows youre reading chat. Dont sweat it

  2. Holy wow. I had to literally log in to my own account to make a stupid comment about how honest to god attractive Levy is in purple. Jesus Christ on a bike. The color purple does you justice, my friend.

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  4. just bought your intermediate course and now just starting this series i have heard great things about you and im excited to start learning with you! 900 rating right now btw 🙂

  5. "Irregardless" isn't a real word. The prefix "ir" isn't necessary in Regardless. Js

    Big fan tho, love your stuff.

  6. I’m a pretty new subscriber, and I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying going through the backlog of videos I’ve missed (:

  7. Learning that Levi likes martial arts has made me love this man even more.

  8. another blunder @1:28:48 if black knight takes f3 forking the queen and the rook then its either a free rook. if kings take f3 then queen to f6 check to king forking the rook at h4 and white cant defend the rook cuz if king to g4 protecting the rook. then its mate in queen to f5.

  9. Is it me or he sounds like Spiderman?
    He is an enfp like Spiderman coincidence? Think not dude is Spiderman in disguise

  10. 8:19 Levy: Oh, because I'm an idiot. Ad immediately plays right after

  11. 30:23 lol. its a free pawn sorta.I'd take it… but im only a 700 player ..🤪

  12. Hard to believe this series was so helpful that I'm going through the same episodes a second time around, mostly to see if I can catch shit I had no idea of during the initial viewings.

  13. Your content is really interesting and you've also made me improve myself a lot. You have earned my respect!💪🏻♟️

  14. This guy is ssssoooooo valuable to chess….we love u Levy

  15. Of course they’re using stockfish, there is no way they could have seen something you didn’t!!! This dude talks out of his azz the whole darn game!!! 😂😂😂😂

  16. 1:34:49 It was so obvious for him to take the bishop there and he would've easily won. There's basically no pieces left, how did he not see that?

  17. 33:44, somebody in the Twitch chat said "Breakfast Gambit," and let's be honest, it's the most important gambit of the day.

  18. If you're going to do a series called 'how to win at chess' then I would say that you've jumped into the heavy and incredibly detailed side of things way too quickly here.

    Within 90 seconds you're making intricate moves with little to no explanation and you need to think about the sort of person who is on Youtube searching for, "How to win at chess."

    This video isn't intended for the people who are searching for it, so really it's a massive waste of time for the people who find it which is why I've hit the dislike button.

  19. It seems the more one plays the more predictable the game.
    What keeps you interested?

  20. Game 3 was suspicious. Feels like the guy used engine for some of his moves.

  21. "I think I'm the happier version of the two opponents." -Leviathan "Chess" Rozman, IM

  22. it’s funny how GC have completely stopped making instructive videos like this series although these were the main reason he’s now number one yt channel!

  23. When you're ready to learn chess, but GothamChess has you feeling like Batman in the chess world. Checkmate, Joker! 🦇👑

  24. damn he's good. at the 7th minute I would've never seen that I would just be scared to death

  25. for anyone wondering that song levy was singing is people are strange by the doors

  26. “Turn the music off on YouTube or you will get boomed” in chat as if he doesn’t already know that 😭😭😭

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