How to win chess endgames

One of the most problematic stages in chess is the final. In order to make things easier for your understanding, we’ve broken down the key points. Here is how to win chess endgames using different tactics. Come to chess clubs in McAllen, TX and play with others.

How to win chess endgames

Which strategy to choose?

While you struggle with selecting a good strategy, we suggest that you combine multiple elements. It is useful to take the best from every approach to apply it later in practice.

Concrete recommendations on how to win chess endgames

  • Get a queen. When resources on the board are limited, you need a powerful piece in your arsenal. That’s why players are especially careful with a queen. It’s recommended to keep it down at earlier stages. However, even if you lost it on your way to the endgame, there’s a solution. Get it back by promoting your weakest piece.
  • Make sure you have a passed pawn. In order to achieve that, you can use a pawn majority. When many of them head to the edge of the board, your chances increase. One of them will definitely reach the goal and provide you with a queen.
  • Attack the opponent’s weak pawns. Whatever tactics you use, rivals can apply this principle against you. So the task is to prevent them from doing it. Block or capture the pawns that are coming to your first rank. In case the enemy gets one of them passed, you get a serious disadvantage.


These basic techniques are easy to remember. The point is that you use them regularly. Then you’ll gradually master the essentials of how to win chess endgames.