How To Win (Or Draw) With Rook Against Bishop – Chess Endgame: King + Rook vs King + Bishop

1000 – 1500 Strategic Thinking Chess Course: ✅ Everything I wished I knew when I was rated 1000. If you’re stuck around the 1000 level and can’t seem to improve, this is the course for you. 40+ video lessons on all phases of the game! Learn the basics of the Rook and Bishop endgame, including tricks to win and the best drawing technique. I’ll also show you an example game where I was able to win with the rook against bishop.

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  1. I’ve played a lot of chess games in my life and have yet to experience this endgame. Now thanks to Master Nelson, I know what to do when it happens. Great video as always!

  2. Love the tips, is there a pc chess game that you can recommend to develop your skills?

  3. Hey Nelson, just discovered your channel! I feel like you give great explanations for basic to intermediate concepts. Will be subbing and coming back! Keep it up!

  4. At 6:35, can't the bishop just go to the f file? I don't see a way to force the bishop off the f,g and h files. The rook can cover 2 files, but not all 3.

  5. It's actually amazing that the guy had 3 minutes and didn't use them properly

  6. I just had this happen and I've never seen it before in playing for almost 5 years. I had the bishop and my opponent kept offering me a draw, but I said if I were him I wouldn't do that. Because I wasn't convinced he could beat me, even though I knew I couldn't win. So after trying for a while he said why don't we flip the board so I had the rook, and I said sure. After about 10 moves I forked his pieces and would have gone onto win. He kept saying mathematically he thought this should be a draw, and he would be right that it should be a draw. Yet neither of us knew that at the time or how to make it happen. Always keep playing, it just might make you better.

  7. I've always known that KRvKB is usually a draw, but I never realized there are a few nuances in certain positions that could cause the KR side to win.

  8. At 6:30 why can’t the bishop hop back and forth and avoid going to a spot that the rook can create the double threat?

  9. I got this against nelson. I blundered the rook and hence drew but I could have won I think?

  10. Can you do an algorithm of how to force a checkmate on a king with a bishop starting from a standard position like E4 .

  11. Now I just have to remember this for the next time it happens to me in maybe 5 or 6 years from now

  12. What if, using the opening position, it's Black to move?

  13. Is there King and Queen vs King, Rook and Bishop upload?

  14. I just played as bishop vs Rook . And it ended with a draw 🎉🎉🎉

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