Never I have I done this in recent memory…I was paired against a 0-rated chess opponent. And so, we dive into the unpredictability of this pairing!!

Join me on this cool analysis of my Round 3 of the Maia Chess Open 2023 in Portugal 🇵🇹

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  1. I am learning from very single video I see! I must say I have improved my chess skills by watching you play and your analysis of games. You have allowed me to see chess games in a different way.

  2. bro you should go to some lake to make a video there

  3. why are you recording on a corn field patch😭

  4. really cool that you played with a fan!

  5. Congrats on the win! Also, corn plants might have fine hairs which can be itchy🥲

  6. How do you get out of a corn pin💀

  7. 1:41 hey xach couldnt u have played this B×e6 after f ×e6 then qb3 forking the e6 pawn and also tje pawn on b7?.

  8. Nice rose shirt btw Zach! Really suits you.

    Congratulations for winning this round and for playing a fan, which was nice for you I bet. Good luck in the rest of your tournament and love where you recorded it, probably a chess first that a game is being analysed in a corn field patch 🤣❤️.

  9. Bruh😭😂😂 hiding from the feds😂

  10. You should never think about how many points the oponent has or his elo you should only play against the pieces

  11. Fast becoming my favourite chess content creator alongside Naroditsky! :))

  12. Great job beating a fan! But more seriously, this is my favorite series on YT right now, keep up the good work! 🙂

  13. Love the outdoor vibe, how you liking the country?

  14. Love your videos so much! Sending love back! Gl with your next game Zach 🙂

  15. I just wanted to thank you for your videos! I love that you're always smiling. Makes me happy when I'm watching your videos ❤

  16. I am confused. I thought with the swiss system someone with a 0.5 doesn't play someone with 1.5. Ideally a 0.5 is matched with another 0.5 but could be matched with a 0.0 or 1.0, and ideally a 1.5 is matched with another 1.5 but could be matched with a 1.0 or 2.0.

  17. Did you buy anish giri's chessable course? If so; do you recommend it?

  18. Loved the background and analysis you should do more videos in nature!! 🙂

  19. Brother just play London with white, c6 with black against everything. Then we become gm together

  20. A big big offensive game,from your part!!You deserve it!

  21. How do you win rating points with zero rated opponents?

  22. Im too busy to watch this video rn cuz im playing Minecraft with my friends, so ill just leave this video playing, write this comment and leave a like to promote it. Keep going, comrade, ur doing a great job 👏

  23. this is giving me anna cramling vibes! I like it.

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