Impressive Knight Sacrifice Trick To Win In Chess

Impressive Knight Sacrifice Trick To Win In Chess

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  1. "Don't let them know your next move"
    Sacrifices the King

  2. I'm terrible at chess but it's still fun to watch it tho

  3. If i guessed it right, did i just got my first briliant move?

  4. he never answerred on how to take the knight in the corner

  5. I found all of the brilliant moves in the video
    Am i Hikaru?

  6. Kg7. The knight cannot escape from the king. easy win

  7. Then white stalemates 💀

  8. I would’ve kept on checking them until the 50 move draw happened

  9. never let them know your next move: king f7

  10. Its Kig7,black only move is Khg6 or Khe7 and both of these would lead the knight to being killed and then queen then you can do queen and king endgame

  11. I learn more from these reals than playing 100 straight games

  12. My lazy ass choosing sacrifice the knight cuz my Instinct say that the knight won't be able to catch up instead of properly calculate it

  13. king g7? the knight is trapped, if the knight go to g6 he still die, f7 still die

  14. In the end put ur king close to the knight cuz then he has to move then u get the queen bruh

  15. Just don’t move the knight. Move your king instead

  16. what abt if black didnt take whites horse

  17. My dumbass really tried to find a way to draw for black

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