INSANE Beginner Endgame!

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  1. My guy is spot on ! Yesterday I was in a clearly losing position but I still managed to win XD. Guys, don't resign if you're below 1000 elo, there's a lot of chance your opponent blunders something…

  2. Ngl its beyond me how good all of the moves looked besides 2 rooks he hung

  3. lol I got a rook+knight against rook+4 pawns imbalance literally yesterday – not as insane as this but still really funny (I lost tho)

  4. 0:53 however if it is estimated to be 10^120 chess positions including illegal ones, in shogi there are 10^170 and in Go 10^370

  5. I usually promote to a second king so that if my first one gets mated I'm still in the game.

  6. "You hung two rooks at the end of the game" "you're very good at chess" good to know I'm on my way.


    A man approaches you with a suitcase full of cash and a bucket of golf balls. He offers you $200,000 for each golf ball you can fully swallow. Assuming the man honors his word, how do you proceed?

  8. “How can the universe keep up with you”. I thought I was going to suffocate laughing.

  9. Did everyone in this comment section smoke a blunt together or something

  10. I had 0 seconds left and was about to mate in ONE but accidentally promoted to a horse

  11. These videos are getting really annoying, can you just post entertaining videos like you used to.

  12. Sorry to be that person here, but there are only around 10^50 possible arrangements of chess pieces on the board including illegal positions, while there are 10^80 atoms on the observable universe, so there are more atoms than the number of chess positions. (chess games, on the other hand, is a whole different matter)

  13. Wtf is going on with "Hi Gotham I love your content" variations in this comment section?

  14. this reminds me of stuff I do regularly 😀

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