Learn Chess Strategy ♔ ASMR ♕ Beginner – Intermediate level (male, soft spoken, educational)

In this video I take you through my most accurate game of chess that I’ve ever played. I explain every move calmly and slowly, speaking with a low, soft voice. I want to make you better at chess while you slowly tingle off to sleep. If you want to support my work you can head over to

The DGT board I’m using here was bought with the support of my Patrons and I have loads of gear I’d like to buy to make more beautiful and better sounding videos – so your money would go directly towards better content. If you still want to support but can’t spare the money you can always leave a thumbs up or a comment, that also helps me out a bunch because it helps show YouTube that my videos are worth showing and then they’ll suggest them to more people. Also I just really love reading the comments, hearing your thoughts and learning from your feedback.

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  1. I like the video. Although, I think there is a mistake in your castling because of black´s queen position! Correct me if I´m wrong, but doesn´t the rule indicate that you can not castle if there is a piece threatening a square in the path of the castling? In this case, that piece would be black´s queen threatening B1.

  2. Glad you are back with the videos. Keep up with the good work

  3. I am currently teaching my girlfriend to play chess and i started watching these videos so I could learn more too. Thanks for the content man 🙂

  4. Opening looks like it could easily be arrived in a nimzo-indian. Lot of similar ideas and piece placement

  5. Played chess. Lost back to back 30 games. Won finally. This has some good tricks. I feel better. Later.

  6. At 18:55 you could mkve the white bishop 3 squares further and the u needed one more move to checkmate and that move is with the black bishop

  7. Hey asmr chess, I have a question, where did you get that chess board

  8. you were sooo wrong when you said this is not a beautiful game cuz it is

  9. Chess and asmr is a very original idea, good job

  10. I've been watching all of your most recent videos and am now going back to consume some of the older content you have because it's so relaxing and nice. Keep it up. I'm super excited for whenever your new videos come out!

  11. Playing very accurately only feels good for me when my opponent puts up a real fight. Because otherwise it wouldn't be you playing good moves but him bad moves.

  12. Hey! Sorry if you’ve already got asked with question and answered it but what board are you using in this video?

  13. Its a bit hard to learn if you are asleep…….

  14. I am no 'good' chess player by any means – but is there any reason for at 2:58 for not doing Queen A4, to check, then capture a free bishop next move?

  15. His speech and mouth sounds remind me of the Joker Heath Ledger, so relaxing!

  16. And it was at this position that we have a yawn completely new game.

  17. 12:58 Is that move legal? Wouldn't that queen be targeting b1, blocking the possibility of making a castle? I used a translator, in case there is a spelling mistake

  18. Anyone know where to get the board in the video?

  19. i listen to your videos while playing games myself, and funnily enough you said "checkmate" exactly when i checkmated my opponent :).

  20. Lol. When he pinned your knight you could have just checked his king with your queen and had a free bishop

  21. Can you make a video about the hellfire system?

    From the 1880s

  22. I think you were the reason I finally beat my dad for the first time in chess, it was difficult and it took a while but I succeeded twice! So thank you.

  23. I can’t get enough of your videos! Thank you so much for this wonderful chess strategy video using one of your very own previously played games! I was feeling stressed before I watched the video, and now I feel totally relaxed while adding more chess knowledge to my repertoire 😁

  24. hey at 12:58 how come you can castle? isn't the black queen attacking b1?

  25. 😂😭 I didn’t realize I fell asleep to your voice

  26. The queen is defending the long castle no?

  27. Wait you can castle through a check with the rook but not the king? I just learned something


  29. I'm glad I found your channel! Your instructions are clear, and slow enough for me to digest. So many of the chess content creators, whom are great too, move so fast I can't always grasp what they are saying. Your channel remedies that wonderfully!

  30. In 3:22 u can have played queen a4+ and then capture the bishop on b4

  31. The black queen attacking B1 during the castling is legal?

  32. I tried recreating this game in my chess game app, the computer chose way different moves, regardless if I started black or white lol

  33. What Kind of dgt Board is that?

  34. I thought you couldn't castle through check?

  35. in 27:19 he blundered his queen, you couldve just captured it for free with the dark squared bishop

  36. "that is some damn good tea" made me burst out laughing

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