Learn to Play Chess Today in Less Than 10 Minutes

Learning the basic rules of chess is easy. The chess universe is a board of 64 black&white squares. The entire point of the game is to force the opponent’s King into a trap he can’t escape from. That’s called checkmate. Yeah, sounds simple enough, but first, you have to get to him – that’s something his loyal subjects don’t want you to do. They’ll be working on protecting their king and going after yours, all while trying to capture as many of your pieces as possible.

Capture means the other person’s chess piece lands on one of yours. If that happens, your piece is out of the game, finished, bye-bye! So, do you want to join in and learn the basic rules and even some winning tricks and techniques? In that case, this video guide is what you’ve been looking for. By the way, when playing chess, you have to plan your path to success, but also try to predict the other guy’s strategy! What a brain workout!


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  1. Thanks 🙂 because I'm so bad at it AND THEY CHOSE ME to play chess like- bruh thanks again-

  2. I'm a state champion, and it's not a bad guideline 🔥🙏

  3. Thank you for your support ☺️☺️

  4. I became a Grand Master after watching this video.

  5. I will be playing chess for Intramurals, but I don't even know how to play it. My classmates and my adviser write my name in the list of the players, and this is making me mess up things 😭

  6. Chess tip: If you play against a chess pro and he leaves a bishop/kinght unprotected, something's is wrong. Before capturing the piece, ask yourself "Why did he leave his piece? Is he setting a trap? Am I getting checkmated the next move? Should I protecting my king and capture it later?".

  7. There are 3 ways of playing chess according to me. 1 is simply defending till your opponent has no pieces. 2 is attacking while defending the king. And 3 is just balanced between the 2s

  8. Bright side: Play d4
    Me: *plays e4*
    Bright side: 👁️👄👁️

  9. As a filipino i called the knight "Kabayo" because it is a horse

  10. As far as I know castle king re-positioning can only be done with “nearer side rook”

  11. 1learn to play chess

    2 learn all moves and positions

    3 capture pieces and look for traps

    4 look for checkmate treats and make checkmate treats

    5 learn to sacrifice your pieces

    6 fork , skewer,pin will do

    7 learn all gambits and defences

    8 learn to do these checkmates ladder mate, scholars mate , door shut mate , fools mate and backrank checkmate .

    9 to prevent from backrank checkmate move one of those pawns

    10 prevent from stalemates and draws

    You are now prepared
    To play chess 😊

    . Thank you.

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