Magnus Carlsen’s 5 Chess Tips For Beginning Players

Here’s a great chess throwback! World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen​ gives his five best chess tips for beginning players!

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  1. Bro said:And uhh playing other humans.Bros literally a robot

  2. I tried drinking and playing. It was a terribly failed experiment. After a blackout night of boozing and chess, I woke up the next day to a barrage of terrible games and a rating so low I tripped over it.

  3. ♟️English ⏱️⏱️♟️ Partie 🎁🎄

  4. I mean it makes sense, the more fun you have the more you play and the less likely you are to burnout. The more you play the better you get.

  5. It makes me sad that I'll never be as good as Magus Carlsen.

  6. Been playing chess since I was a kid. Around 14 years of it.

    However I have not played in along time now.

    Is it fair to say one of the most important skills in chess is game or piece pattern recognition both in terms of tactics & strategy.

  7. very bad vidseo no king sacrific e nhbgcvhgmgfhdfghngfh gh

  8. Carlsen seems nice, I wonder what made him qualified to make this video though?

  9. Wear Leather Jacket. Kick ass and chew bubble gum.

  10. take a shot each time you hear "uhh"
    lol he sure is a handsome fella.

  11. 🙃just lost a game because i didnt know how to checkmate with a rook and king now im pissed😠it should have been a win

  12. I research how to get good at chess and its a video of someone telling me to research how to get good at chess

  13. I learned a different kind of mating technique

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  15. Tip number 10: sit at the board and play with yourself

  16. 1. Play alot of games
    2. Watch some chess vids
    3. Learn the basic checkmating techniques
    4. Learn from the old Chess Masters
    5. Have fun

  17. My problem is I sacrifice pawns too easily and I’m always on offense by trying to trap the opponents pieces but I end up in a trap

  18. I am unable to win single match also😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. I thought , tip number 9 is " sit on the chessboard and play by yourself"

  20. #1 its kinda strange yet get used to shoving things up your arse!

  21. What if Cobain was a genius chess player and he stared at the ceiling too?

  22. bro said "uh you uh uh just uh play chess uh for uh the best uh training uh "

  23. Tip number 10 sit at the chessboard and play with yourself its smazing

  24. Magnus should start a Career in chess he is really good at it imo

  25. Sit at the chess board and play with yourself it's amazing
    -Magnus Carlsen

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