Magnus Carlsen’s Mind-Blowing Memory! World Chess Champion tested

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is put to the test by English Grandmaster David Howell! How many games can he recognise? Please note the Kasparov-Karpov game should show USSR flags for both players.
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  1. Can anyone explain how Magnus could’ve possibly known the Annand/ Zapata game after only 4 moves? Maybe that wasn’t the most conventional of opening theory but hasn’t that been played hundreds if not thousands of times?

  2. All fun and games until he preguesses the next one

  3. 99.99% people cannot remember even 5 positions from middle game or end game which they played fews hours back…how come he remembers all the game….i believe he is Tesla of chess…

  4. I think it’s rigged somehow or pure luck a awful large number of games were played the same way like the way they played in biel 1988 like he somehow knew who it was after 4 moves…and then paused to remember the year which I think is easier to remember then the game itself but idk imop 😅

  5. If I were going to play him and knew nothing about him but was shown this video, my first move would be so easy – 1./ Resigns.

  6. 0:34 Giving Kasparov Azerbajani flag is the most gross and outrageous thing I've ever seen!

  7. And i cant remember where i leave my keys 2 minutes after i get home.

  8. I don't think this is all down to just memory. It's mostly down to his deduction skill. He absolutely understood the mind of the guy sitting opposite to him and he was able to figure out what kind of questions he might have come up.
    That's the only explanation for guessing the harry Potter one so fast because there was endless possibilities, endless chess based movies but Carlsen knew the guy was going to think something simple like HP.

  9. Total fake. How's he able to tell it's Anand vs Zapata after 2 moves of theory? Cmon at least try to make it look real. Magnus is a genius, they didn't have to do this

  10. You can tell this level of recollection is completely effortless for him, he recognizes the position and the time he first came across it almost instantly. His memory really is superhuman, I wonder if anyone's ever studied him to see what his limits are. We saw that he's also naturally god tier on games like geo-guesser as well.

  11. It's not necessarily memory, it's probably extreme over analysis and obsession with the game. Combine that with talent. And you have a master

  12. Magnus is the kind of guy that remembers this exact comment 17 years ago.

  13. I love how David is so humble while being a fabulous chess player himself. He’s also very insightful in his chess match commentary

  14. If a FICTIONAL movie character had this kind of memory, I'd call it unrealistic. This is insane

  15. obviously he has some kind of condition its not possible for normal human to remember these kinds of things

  16. Why is Kasparov with the Azerbaijani flag, when neither of his parents is Azeri, nor he identifies as such?

  17. I wouldn't even recognize the games i played last week

  18. Is intelect or photographic memory that rules Chess ?
    I start to think it's the last one.

  19. good potential.. may be he should consider playing chess

  20. If someone would be capable of beating stockfish, the only person that comes to my mind is Magnus…

  21. the games remember magnus not the other way round lmao

  22. * sees a COMPLETELY normal opening *

    Magnus: that's Anand-zapata 1988

  23. Holy s**t now i know why Hikaru Nakamura quits the match before the match even starts against Magnus this guy has unlimited memory

  24. I am absolutely nobody in chess, and I still recognised the seville endgame and the Ivanchuk miss …. To test someone like Magnus, I think you have to bring much less famous games (and he would still score near 100% I think)

  25. I'm so freaking impressed. The Real Mike Ross of Chess

  26. I easily remember fifty billion games in my head, so compared to me, Magnus is a totally retarded player. Yawn.

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