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  1. а играли они в блиц )

  2. My homelander informed him🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  3. Bruh ref was supposed to ask both parties if they are ready before starting the match

  4. Kid trying to replicate Patrick bateman meme took the self awareness out of this and made it cringe 😂

  5. He can take that time cause he’s so used to playing bullet/blitz

  6. This cringe master at the end literally tried to do the faces Patrick Bateman makes….im tellin yall tiktok has made kids so so cringey and dumb. Yall need to be bullied and punched in the face lmao you literally need it. It will help you. Jeez bruh sooo cringey

  7. Bro u forgot Indian gm pragannandhaa defeated carlsen

  8. Как называеться выпуск

  9. The opponent knew he's done when he sees marcus didn't care about time

  10. bro was calculating all way to check mate his opponent while he is drinking

  11. Did anyone notice the guy showed up at last, was trying to impersonate Christian Bale?

  12. Ich hasse YouTuber die dieses Gesicht mache ,mir kommt das Kotzen. Ja ja macht euer scheiß Sigma Gesich .Der wahre Sigma ist dieses Gesicht 😐

  13. When mangnus touches the pieces your game is already over

  14. Can someone explain it to me I don’t get it.I don’t know anything abt chess

  15. Да все верно дотронулся к фигуре ходишь, просто он хотел конем пойти, но потом передумал

  16. When you plan something well there's no need to rush

  17. gtfo with your clown sigma bs you guys dont even know how to play it

  18. i mean i love chess but magnus is everything but a sigma male

  19. A water bottle gambit, he sacrificed the tiiimmeee!!!

  20. Man, what's the music?, I cant find the remix

  21. It,s called Tactics its designed to put his opponent off

  22. magnus:I'll have a nice sip of water sorry about that 🤣🤣

  23. He was defeated by indian 16 year kid pragganandan

  24. I really do not see what we can deduce from these images.. Although time has started, replacing its pieces is a routine allowing (among other things) to concentrate as well as decide on an opening.. 🙄

  25. Magnus be like
    Being hydrated is more important than the match

  26. Alternate title:
    Magnus plays the water bottle gambit

  27. man looks like he had just recalibrated and is ready to destroy anyone in the seat infront of him

  28. He literally saying that time should wait for me

  29. It’s even funnier that he won that game.

  30. But the question is
    "With such a confidence did he really won the game?"🥸

  31. Bro really said checkmate in 143 moved 😂😂😂

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