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  1. कुछ समझ में नहीं आया 😂

  2. Even after that much he chose still to do violence by movie pawn f4 damn…

  3. The man was just doing handshake with all his pieces before the battle begins😂🙌

  4. Magnus takes time for first move and opponent takes time for get not checkmate move😂😂

  5. Bro.. Time is not matching… It stopped at 14:59sec😅

  6. Bro was saluting all the players before the win

  7. Je calculated mate in 50moves😂😂

  8. it is silly , what is the result ? who win ? then show your self as a "hero"

  9. If you can conquor your opponents heart, mind and soul.. Then winning on the board is a cakewalk😅

  10. Has sigma came to a point where disrespecting your opponent is sigma??

  11. Bro was celebrating the checkmate, while adjusting the pieces

  12. If my opponent did this I would resign on the spot

  13. That's what 1^∞ % confidence feels like

  14. Pov: magnuss is at a world champion event magnuss who arranged these pieces everyone looking at the timer 😑

  15. Actually he is handshaking finally with his all pieces

  16. It's like sort of mental trick to create fear in opponent😂😂

  17. gary kasparov did the same thing to magnus when he was young, I think that magnus actually kind of got scared because of it back then and now he does it himself to show dominance

  18. the last guy be like : oh crap he’s using his secret technique.

  19. in that moments carlen knew how to check mate my guy in the next 50 moves

  20. This is fake he didn’t adjust his cloths

  21. its because there was 15 munites on the clock and if a was an world champion i would'nt need 15 munites in a regular chess match too

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