New Players START HERE – 30 Chess Terms Every Beginner Should Know – Basic Chess Terms And Concepts

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Term 1 – Check
1:02 – Term 2 – Checkmate
1:17 – Term 3 – Draw
1:28 – Term 4 – Stalemate
1:45 – Term 5 – Perpetual Check
2:13 – Term 6 – Resign
2:28 – Term 7 – Promotion
2:39 – Term 8 – Rank
2:54 – Term 9 – File
3:03 – Term 10 – Diagonal
3:15 – Term 11 – Castling
3:41 – Term 12 & 13 – Castle Short/Castle Long
3:56 – Term 14 – En Passant
4:31 – Term 15 – Illegal Move
4:46 – Term 16 – Center
4:57 – Term 17 – Development
5:09 – Term 18 & 19 – Kingside/Queenside
5:21 – Term 20 – Blunder
5:37 – Term 21 – Opening
6:14 – Term 22 – Middlegame
6:53 – Term 23 – Endgame
7:24 – Term 24 – Threat
7:45 – Term 25 – Bishop Pair
8:24 – Term 26 – Fool’s Mate
8:42 – Term 27 – Scholar’s Mate
9:14 – Term 28 – Trade
9:30 – Term 29 – Tactic
10:15 – Term 30 – Patzer
10:32 – Summary


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  1. Why is your white king set up on a black square and your black king setup on a white square. Is this done by mistake or intentionally?

  2. Your channel is growing fast! Love your channel 🙂

  3. Is it actually "mate"? I am from Spain, and here it is "Mate", but in Spanish, that is the past tense for "I kill" or "I Killed". Now, I think Chess is probably even older than what we know of today as Spanish, so I wonder what the origin is. I doubt you mate the king by having gay intercourse with him with your kind, its not the discovery channel kind of mating, so I wonder if it is killing, or has anything to do with killing. The word for killing in Spanish, is Latin based, and I think Chess is middle eastern in origin, so its probably not killing either.

  4. you should have explained stalemate with other pawns and pieces that have no legal moves as well.

  5. What does flagged mean Ive heard people say it lots in bullet and blitz when they win.

  6. You can take one Bishop and say you took the Bishop Pair, from the way I hear people use it. It seems to be more of a status than quantity.

  7. Great video as usual! Can you do a video on why controlling the center is important? Thanks!

  8. Your last video gained views so fast, and it was very helpful, make some or that kind of videos!!😁☺️

  9. Ok,so it seems like YouTube is not giving me notifications from you anymore which is weird because your channel is growing.

  10. Such growth. What’s your secret? Any tips.

  11. much important compilation great explanation

  12. Sir, your session on chess terms is very instructive making chess player awareness of it. It is must for every chess player. Your commentry is very impressive followed by continuously free flow of words. Liked very much. Looking forward for such interesting and instructive sessions ahead. Thanks and regards. Dmbhangaonkar

  13. LoL thank you! Well explained and enjoyable

  14. What does the term "gambit" mean? Heard it way too often now

  15. missing fork, pin, discovery, gambit, duo, sacrifice, etc

  16. What I want to know is, if there is concrete definition of the following terms: Attacking, threatening, eyeing a piece. Obviously threatening should be when your next move is going to do serious damage on the enemy if nothing is done by the opponent. However isn't this the same as attacking? Or is attacking a piece just that my piece can take the opponents piece if its guards are removed. However again isnt my eyeing or seeing the enemy piece the same? It hits it, its not a threat yet, but if the defenders are removed it can be taken. These three always puzzle me and I cant seem to find any concrete definition that solidifies what is what as a chess term.

  17. Sir, I believe you said "you can block the check unless it's a knight." You can also not block checks from pawn Mr Lopez.

  18. Why isn’t there the term knight pair?

  19. "Patzer" is actually what we call a blunder in German.

  20. I Like how there is a Term named "patzer" which is german for "Blunder" and its written uppercase "Patzer" because its a noun and in german you write nouns uppercase.

  21. 2:18 you shouldn't actually resign in this position. With so many major pieces on the board, it's very easy for Black to accidentally stalemate White if they're not careful. For example, by playing Q7f6.

  22. I've personally never heard about Patzer.

  23. I say En Guard when attacking the queen. I guess it's not a common courtesy though

  24. The new chess terms that I have learned were center, bishop pair, and patzer.

  25. I think there is a little more that should be said about en passant and castling.


  27. Stalemate is the worst rule of chess. It should just be a loss for whoever ran out of moves.

  28. Thank you sir❤❤ You helped me a lot

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