Only Pros Can Solve This Easy Puzzle #Shorts

Here’s an interesting Chess Endgame Puzzle. Let’s See If You Can Solve it!
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  1. It's a draw but there's a way to win if black captures white knight

  2. Knight e5 sacrifices
    Then king has to take it
    Its forced

    Then we will push our pawn and make a queen

    If im correct pls pin 😊

  3. I was thinking knight e7 and if not take go knight f5 and then u can just promote to queen easily

  4. what? it's an easy puzzle, you need to chose between like 2 moves. What a clickbait

  5. Knight to e7 then King takes knight and pawn gets promoted and fork King and black night

  6. I'm not a pro at all. but found it.

  7. After knight to e5 black king go to g5 and follow the pown

  8. After Ke5 and Kg4 or Kf3 you can just push the pawn and win

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