Patience in a chess endgame…


  1. Never interrupt your opponent when he's making a mistake 🙂

  2. Finally a chess video where I was on the same page

  3. "Always look for checks" but Levy always makes fun of us – low elos, for finding hidden checks..

  4. Everyone that thinks white had mate in 2. Stfu and get better.

  5. you were this 🤏 close to getting checkmated

  6. But wtf was that Qd3+ when your king is horizontally and diagonally open like that?! Rook blunder 🤦

  7. When white attacks d8 isnt it checkmate first gonna take black rook and then place his other piece and black cant defend

  8. He blundered the rook because he saw only Qc2 as a threat but completely forgot about Qc1.

  9. There could have been checkmate by the opponent

  10. Question does Rook D8 not win the game after either rook takes then queens take check mate or rook doesn’t take and then your rook takes then Queen D8 Checkmate

  11. why didn't white drop his rook for sacrifice and then brought queen to checkmate?

  12. White would have won if he just pushed the queen at the bottom, with rook as a support 😅

    edit: what im talking about is queen d2 to queen d8

  13. White could have delivered a backrank mate when white queen was standing with its rook

  14. Did he not have mate in 2 before his beginning pawn move in the video

  15. Could've lost a checkmate earlier game when opponent doubled his queen and rook

  16. Could've lost to a checkmate or blundered a rooke when opponent doubled his rook and queen when you moved your queen back

  17. I like how enthusiastic you are about chess makes me want to get better. It’s nice seeing someone having fun and not all arrogant or a cocky egoist like some chess players can be. Just vibes good vibes and good chess.
    And I learn too I think

  18. My 2000/2100 opponents playing like super grandmasters
    This guys 2300 opponent hang a 100% free rook 💀

  19. “I have high chances of being aborted” pov me

  20. HUMAN Status: Confident
    Mental Strength: 92 Equiped: Mouse
    Stamina: unknown Weapons: Brain power
    Mental Speed: 93 Type: chess player
    Inteligence: 100 (inteligent)

  21. If your 2200 opponent stupidly hangs a rook, then im bobby fischer.

  22. U were just lucky
    If the opponent would have taken the pawn with his rook u would have been checkmate ïn 3 move

  23. Lets just appreciate how his opponent only used 10 seconds to get to that endgame.

  24. Missed checkmate by white after queen moves to C4? 🤔

  25. Why did the opponent go queen d2 to d8 get taken then have the rook take rook and check mate

  26. Your opponent missed a win , when he put his queen to d2 and while his rook was at d1 , he could have put the queen to d8 and once your rook takes it , it'd checkmate with rook to d8 , i feel smart

  27. Opponent missed a clear checkmate after doubling the queen and rook with a queen sacrifice…. Luck you bro

  28. "Checks, Captures, Attacks"
    – that one dude with a receding hairline

  29. Guys i think he missed win by scriface the Queen im not rong right ??

  30. when you play rook b8 he can rxb3 cause if you take the rook he can mate with qd8

  31. In the beggining, after the white queen moves, couldn't he just take the queen and try to promote, defended by the rook?

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