Patience in a chess endgame…


  1. I don't understand why black didn't check mate white the rook and queen are lined queen to d8 and it's a easy back rank mate

  2. Бедни Русский😥

  3. Why couldn't he take the pawn when you played rb8 cause if he took you can't take back cause mate with queen right?

  4. Good job 🙂 Have you ever considered participating in tournaments?

  5. Seeing a 2200 hang a clean rook like that makes me feel a lot better about my own chess 🤣

  6. Hey is this mate?

    Queen d8 the rook captures
    And white captures with the rook and mate

  7. All these 400s thinking they're smart saying white missed checkmate lol. Can't you guys think about the move for a little bit before writing a comment?

  8. Is a chess endgame or a chess age of ultron😂😂

  9. This is not an endgame, and a 2200 elo blundering like that?

  10. Chess is played by humans im sure his moves before were challenging hence end game blunders make sense

  11. Casually blundering mate in two in beginning

  12. Why white not Qd8, Rook d8 and checkmate

  13. Am i the only one who saw that white had made after a queen sac rook mate?

  14. I feel like this is staged because this high level doesnt miss mate in 2 3 times in a row.
    Edit: rook d8 was mate. All he had to do was push

  15. Isn't it a checkmate if white Queen sacrifice for rook and then checkmate

  16. If the white capture the pond with the rock he might be going to win the game bcz the black takes the rock with rock and queen push to D¹….

  17. Love your board!! How can locate this? Thanks

  18. Quero ver postar as partidas que perde feio

  19. 2200 being cocky, playing fast and hanging rock, we love to see it

  20. My brain before that check: PLAY THE BLOODY ROOK TO A8 AND THEN A1 BOOM CHECKMATE

  21. White should have taken that pawn with the rook.

  22. I love how white could have done an easy check mate towards the start😊

  23. After Qc2 why didn't the opponent play Rd8?

  24. white queen to d8 rook takes queen rook takes rook and checkmate white wins

    noone noticed ????

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