paulw7uk chess v 1698 nice conversion winning endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game white is better and should be winning subject to not blundering it away and we managed to play a good endgame to convert the win with 96% accuracy v 82%. game on


  1. how can i calculate multi moves like u? is there any special trick or i should just calculqte 4,5 moves normally ?

  2. Why didn’t you take the rook with your bishop?

  3. You're very good 👍 so fast

  4. Haha looking for the pin on the queen took some time but it payed off

  5. Bro u could’ve taken the bishop with knight instead of rook that way u could’ve pinned his queen with ur bishop by sacking ur knight it must’ve been a brilliant move. That knight sac was causing forced checkmate so he was forced to take the knight

  6. Instead of taking the rook with ur knight on c8 you could’ve taken the bishop c4, then the queen was forced to come to c4 and take the knight then u could’ve moved ur other knight to f5 threatening checkmate with queen on g7. So he would’ve taken ur knight with pawn and then u could’ve put the bishop on d5 getting the pin on queen and king. It would’ve been a brilliant move.

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