paulw7uk chess. v 1749 rooks and knight endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game black is a little better but the game goes level according to the engine after a few moves, tricky endgame for bullet chess. game on


  1. When his pawn attacked your knight why didn’t you push the pawn to a3 if he takes you check him with the rook he takes you take with the rook behind checkmate

  2. Chess has no luck my friend. That was well played!

  3. I’m probably not as good as a chess player as you but I think at the beginning of the video if you moved your pawn up one after their pawn was threatening the knight, after they took the knight, you move your rook up and they have to take and then u take with ur other rook and I think that’s mate

  4. I like how to explain what you do, It's very easy to understand even my 400 elo brain can understand what you're saying you should make a twitch acc

  5. Almost stalemate, very lucky he had a pawn move

  6. aaaah that a pawn could have sacrificed the horse pushing the pawn first trap the move the horse and target the pawn, wrong order ggs

  7. That could've been a checkmate with the queen if he had moved it all the way into the back row

  8. If you pushed A pawn it would have been checkmate

  9. I am sick of this shorts, where you play opponents 500 elo points lower than you, and call it a great win.

  10. I think after b4 you can push a pawn for free, no? You threaten back rank. Or am I trippin

  11. jyst make an explanation video for a3 and review your steps cause i am confused for that

  12. I’m the last move u missed mate in one

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