paulw7uk chess v 1764 queen pawn endgame blunder settles

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on in the verified arena march 2023. we had a close game which came down to a queen and pawn endgame ultimately settled by a queen blunder. game on
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  1. Well deserved, I would’ve hated those checks

  2. Got what he deserved after all those checks

  3. Uncle W , Can you upload the whole match wanna know how this dude played

  4. This was very satisfying. Thank you for ruining his day, Paul❤

  5. I would be so annoyed with those checks lmao.💀

  6. This is the equivalent of the scene in Indiana Jones where the swordsman does all these fancy flourishes, only for Indy to just pull out a gun and shoot him 😂

  7. hello, why you don’t do multiple premoves? referring to the end of the video

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