paulw7uk chess v 1820 rook knight pawn endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game we are up 1 pawn and managed to play a good game 96% v 90% accuracy and convert with mate. game on
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  1. sometimes i wish they would just resign. theyre obviously losing but also kudos to them for hoping their opponent would blunder lol

  2. ur vision is awesome , u can fing knight fork like a piece of cake , i have big problem with my poor vision in chess

  3. Someone made a video where Gotham doesn't play lichess because he doesn't support communism

  4. It’s very satisfying finding a tactic and playing it. Puzzles have helped me tremendously with that

  5. And here i am not having the guts to sac the rook

  6. Why didn't you take the pawn by your pawn on c4 and took it with rook?

  7. How can 1800s blunder a simple fork

  8. If I was him, I would make 3 queens and stalemate

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