paulw7uk chess v 1869 close game until queen blunder

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on we had a close game 90% v 84% accuracy and only settled when opponent blunders the queen late on. game on
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  1. At first I was thinking, why is Qb5 a blunder, it covers the mate in one threat, but then I saw that g6 covers that threat without sacrificing the queen. It's definitely a tough position, given that there was only one good move, and everything else was a blunderEdit: apparently I was wrong about g6 being the best, but not super surprising given my play is around the 1000 level. Consulted stockfish to double check my assumption and, while g6 isn't a blunder, it is a fairly bad move. Just not as bad as blundering the queen

  2. Idk but if you stuck him in check with the queen after the rook check wasn’t that mate?

  3. I feel like if ur queen was on the diagonal where the king had a free square to escape from checks and u tried checking on the back rank with the rook couldnt that have been mate

  4. How do you get the king turn red? And how do you get a different sound when you move your piece?

  5. When the pawn moved to c3 you missed forced mate in 5 moves

  6. Black forget to cry first before retaking so he resigns.

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