paulw7uk chess v 1935 convert endgame exchange up

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game black is a little better being an exchange up but still plenty of work to do to convert the win. game on


  1. Do you stream anywhere Paul? Or is this all recorded privately?

  2. After white king f2 id say queen f6 was winning

  3. You could have taken the rook but ypu went another route which worked out

  4. Widzę że nawet na yt shortsach się śmieją że wszystko kraftowe

    Deska na której burgera niosles też Kraftowa?

  5. The way this played out you could think he was stream sniping lmao. Wouldn't have believed this wasn't a stream sniper if there weren't 40 seconds left and he was playing almost immediately

  6. Beautiful win Paul. Nicely converted

  7. Well Paul, there's no other way of saying this. I have your IP address.

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