paulw7uk chess v 2041 2-min + 1 sec converting endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 2-min + 1-sec increment bullet chess on we had a level opening, opponent attacks with g4, giving black an advantage but a long way to go. engine says we played 88% v 84%. game on


  1. Well Paul, I have to say you're well on your way to achieving the 2nd stage of enlightenment

  2. Nice Job m8. I must say that what i like abt this channel is that even if you win, lose, draw, ecc, you are always happy and you seem to really enjoy it.

  3. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    What I never understood is why don’t they resign in situations like this? No way they cod win or tie. Even time is not an issue. It’s disrespectful to keep playing at this point.

  4. does anyone know how to change the sound of my pieces like him?

  5. Why do I think he's cheating. He goes to move a piece and it snaps back to its spot. Almost like there's a mod on stopping him from doing some moves

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