paulw7uk chess v 2054 nicely controlled endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game white is already much better but still need good play to convert the win without blundering it away. accuracy was 92% v 86%. game on


  1. Tf is that pawn structure, Great Wall of China? goddamn

  2. Good stuff! I saw that rook sack but I probably would not have went for it 😅.

  3. As usually you showing amazing understanding and technique in the endgame bravo

  4. The sheer focus that you have even when casually destroying your opponent just speaks volumes of the amount of practice and mastery you have over the game. Great stuff! Love to see your videos on my feed.

  5. That rook sacrifice would not happen if u go rook a5 to rook c5 thats a free knight

  6. there’s only one thing men want and it’s disgusting: that chain pawn structure 😅

  7. I really love how you guys know how to use your pawns well. I don't know when I will get on that level soon since I don't play chess too often.

  8. That pawn structure at the end was mad😍😍

  9. If bishop takes pawn at 28 secs he can win your room because the pawn is pinned

  10. After …Qc7 you could have played Ra5, Kh8.
    Rc5 Kd2
    Qc2 and win the knight

  11. You miss Rook A5, to Rook C5. But who cares

  12. In the beginning of video does the fork on d2 work?

  13. instead of sacking the rook, rook a5 secured the knight for free.

  14. Strange how you blundered a fork and your opponent didn't see it

  15. idk how do u have 3 past pawns and still questioning weather you are winning or not

  16. Well Paul, overall I'd say you're not a bad egg

  17. The pawn structure is insane but didn't you lose?

  18. What about rook a5 instead of rook takes a7?

  19. That was some amazing pawn structure damn😭

  20. No shit he won that Endgame being a rook and 2 pons up

  21. Very smoothly done, the way the pawns creep up into a full unstoppable chain is amazing

  22. What in the world happened in the match for you to only have 1 pawn lost?!

  23. What about Ra5 instead of Rxa7?
    Next move could be Rc5 giving you a knight

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