paulw7uk chess v 2077 endgame 1 king more open than other

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on this is an endgame where the opponents king ends up being more open and vulnerable to attack and we manage to convert without blundering it away. game on


  1. if c7 then you give a check with the rook and c5 is mate i think correct me if i’m wrong

  2. I would’ve done the fork with the queen but I’m not as good as you so idk what your thought process was even as you were talking

  3. If he blocked the queen check with the rook you could’ve gave a check w Qg5 and saved the queen. If he played it, I’m sure you would’ve seen it, but obviously it’s easier to see for someone like me watching compared to playing a game with less than 30s left

  4. I believe you could win his queen and rook if he blocked by taking on d4, if he takes your queen you could also take on d3, I suppose a rook and queen vs 2 rooks is better than only being up a rook tho, but still👍🏼

  5. You missed a fork when you did Qe6+.
    You had QE4+ and you take the rook on G2

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