paulw7uk chess v 2084 win rook and pawns endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game the position is level and we managed to play good endgame technique to convert the win. game on
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  1. You can see the exact moment the opponent realizes that he cant catch the pawn, but gets mated before being able to run

  2. I love to see your games, I wish I could play like you !

  3. This endgame was really intense but satisfying to watch. That queen+pawn checkmate was just chef kiss

  4. Your endgame is just too statisfying to watch, love your personality too!

  5. I wanna see your narration of your middle/opening games

  6. the way he doesn't promote another queen to mock the opponent is just a true sportsmanship moment 👍

  7. Why do you play lichess?

  8. Çok iyi oynuyorsun ben olsam ya berabere yada kayıp ederdim

  9. It was a draw until that rook trade
    Why is a 2000 trading rooks into a losing king and pawn endgame

  10. Play in li chess you will be just 1600 rated lund there

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