paulw7uk chess v 2143 queen and rooks endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game black is 1 pawn up but engine says it is +6 and we managed to play the rest of the game very well and eventually capitalise on a mistake for checkmate. game on


  1. What is most impressive is you use your hand to support whole head whilst it's processing the game

  2. Tricky endgame played really well! I would have made so many blunders in this situation

  3. I'll never get over how calm and composed you are facing chaos. Truly a joy to watch 🤌

  4. I'm confused, why doesn't re2 take on Qe5? Nothing is protecting the queen and if he takes, pawn takes rb1 then king takes and you're just down a queen for a pawn…

  5. Bro u r cheating i think coz i watched u many short when u do a blunder move its not happening in this match when u blunder the queen queen didn’t move lol

  6. So when you took the pwan on the d4 with rook what stop them from taking the pwan with rook

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