paulw7uk chess v 2145 queen rook pawn endgame 2 pawns down

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on in the verified arena march 2023. we are 2 pawns down in this endgame but things turn round when opponent blunders a clean rook and we manage to convert the win. game on
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  1. You should have played rook f1 there was no way to stop the mate nice tho

  2. Instead of rook b1, queen h5 was M1! Nice comeback

  3. You miss mate in one again master 🙁

  4. What sound effect do you use for your board?

  5. I enjoy these videos a lot Paul. Thank you for the content. You seem like a really cool and chill guy. Keep up the great work!

  6. You missed mate! but I love ur vids. I have been watching em for a few months now and I just love them. you are my daily dose of chess

  7. Your videos is just so satisfying to watch smh.
    Keep it going bro 🙏

  8. paul you’re honestly so good and so calming to watch, i genuinely like watching your videos a lot.

  9. Dude was so calm playing chess. While me I get tilted when im in losing streak lol. Keep grinding💪🏻

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