paulw7uk chess v 2190 convert endgame up exchange

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on when we join the game we are up an exchange and managed to play a decent endgame without blundering badly and convert the win. game on
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  1. The timeout was so perfectly timed I spent 30 seconds trying to work out why it was mate 😂

  2. Position looked like reversed benko gambit.

  3. Am i dumb? I dont see the check mate😂 King could espace didnt he?

  4. Hello Paul! I am playing in my first chess tournament this weekend and I was wondering if you have any tips?

  5. seeing your channel grow like that makes me happy❤.
    have a great day sir

  6. Why did you think he would trade his queen for your knight?

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