paulw7uk chess v 2216 get on top in tricky endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on this is one of those games where white chose opposite side castling and attacked on my kingside but managed to defend and counter-attack well enough to convert the win. game on
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  1. I’ve ever seen a rage in chess dude got beat that bad 👏

  2. They didn't disconnect. They biached out because they were losing.Very common excuse. Rather time out/disconnect than resign.

  3. Hey man , love your short videos
    It’s exceptional how fast and accurate your moves are
    Plus your voice is also so chill
    Nice game

  4. I tried to play chess on chess arena and it was a little troublesome to move pieces mostly my king out of check

    is it some sort of bug?

  5. I gotta ask. That chess sound effect. How you get it?

  6. Bro your voice is like butter to My ears I could fall asleep to your video's

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