paulw7uk chess v 2272 2-min + 1-sec loss poor endgame

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 2-min + 1-second per move bullet chess on blunders from both of us but I messed up the endgame in this one. 74% v 83% accuracy. game on


  1. It takes wuite a lot to stay calm in these endgames considering the fact blunders do happen

  2. I don’t know how you stay so calm. I get so pissed at myself and always bully myself lol

  3. Your commentary is amazing. This game is part of the price we pay to be gifted the game of chess in our lives. Keep playing your best. Be confident. I am telling you what I need to hear, and I think it is appropriate here. Love your games. Even this one. Keep on you rockstar.

  4. Opponent wasn't piece of cake but nice game and I see you win most of the times

    Merry Christmas from another part of the world

  5. You should consider uploading a bit more losses and keeping the result out of the title for more engagement

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