paulw7uk chess v 2282 sometimes you get lucky when ‘lost’

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on another example of why you should generally play on in lost games when playing bullet chess as you just never know, sometimes miracles do happen. game on


  1. 😅 that knight went absolutely savage at the end, the speed caught me off guard. very nice win.

  2. Those quick moves at the end were fantastic. You finished him.

  3. You really took out the entire army at the end!

  4. Holy shit that sped up in the end haha. Well played.

  5. That horse has had the time of his life

  6. Your opponent is going to have PTSD every time he sees a knight now

  7. I have only seen such horsey in puzzle 😭 untill now

  8. That knight was like “fine, i’ll do it myself”

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