Play Chess Endgames Like Magnus Carlsen


0:00 Intro
1:26 Queen Endgames
9:32 Rook Endgames
22:20 Knights and Bishops

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  1. loving the more educative videos! Even though they get less views I find these the best. I'm very grateful for you!

  2. I'd like to be on your Guest the Elo. 🤣

  3. "Opening Just Teaches you the Openings, but endgame teaches you chess"

  4. This was very useful. It’s good to the practical endgame transform into the theoretical endgame.

  5. What do you call a chess player that STEEL mates?

    …MAGNET Carlson

  6. This video should not be free to watch. Great instruction thank you levy

  7. I love a video explaining some fundamentals.

  8. Adding a comment to help keep instructional content coming 😁

  9. Love this type of content! I learned a lot in the past two or so years thanks to your videos

  10. Sometimes I think I’m Magnus then I reach the endgame. Me not so smart

  11. The endgame in chess is defined as: the stage of the game when Magnus is destroying you.

  12. WE need more of this and less Noob arena.

  13. I thought he would say, "Why are you here? Do you really think you can play like magnus? Quit chess."

  14. Instructions unclear… Played the endgame like Levy

  15. I feel like learning to draw is something a lot of players do not want. Instead they try pushing some crazy stuff and then they lose

  16. After watching this, I played an endgame like magnus and magnus lost 12 elo points.

  17. This is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood content. Thanks for uploading 🙂


  18. thanks for making this video levy. really helpful and informative. one thing, please don't feed trolls by pinning their stupidity. you deserve better comments to be seen by others

  19. thank you very much you gave my a lot of important info that II'I use…😄

  20. Really enjoying the more educational ones like this 👍

  21. Really looking for the cover of Magnus and hans. I suppose "chess spoke for itself". Please show and react to the interview clips. Love your content 👻👻👻

  22. Fabiano Caruana♌
    Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa♌
    Adhiban Baskaran♌
    Aryan Gholami♌
    Ehsan Ghaem Maghami♌
    Yvette Nagel♌
    Tania Sachdev♌
    Meurert Kamalidenova♌
    Mikhail Botvinnik♌
    Alexander Kotov♌
    Judit Polgar♌
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  23. Levy is a little bit obsessed with Magnus…

  24. this was a badass video, I haven't played enough endgames

  25. This type of videos are the best…please do upload more like these♟️

  26. Finally feels like I'm doing something productive

  27. 1.52 random noob winning an gotham sub

  28. I have a problem with the title too. I thought you were going to play magnus games. This sort of stuff effects people.

  29. The endgame is the phase of the game when you are supposed to activate your king.

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