Practical Chess Endgames – Capablanca-Janowsky 1911

A video on a practical endgame, discussed by NM Dan Heisman. Randomly chose from “Capablanca’s Best Endgames” by Chernev Game 7: Capablanca-Janowsky San Sebastian 1911. Most endgames are not “book” positions (GM Soltis calls these “exact endgames”) but rather positions with fewer pieces on the board, but unique to that game (at least until the very late endgame). Dan goes over the game with help from Stockfish 11 and discusses general strategies on how to improve endgame play.

NM Dan Heisman has been a full-time chess instructor since 1996 and is the author of 12 chess books, a TV show on and radio at the Internet Chess Club. Howard Stern was one of Dan’s students. Dan tries to answer comments on YouTube but for a quicker, more comprehensive answer (or questions about lessons), contact Dan via email, skype, or phone via Dan’s website . His Chess Tip of the Day is @danheisman on Twitter.


  1. Amazing game and amazing analysis. Thank you so much for the work!

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