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International Master Danny Rensch starts another video series, using his second favorite “new tool” on Here he practices the very difficult Queen vs Rook position against a top computer. Will he reach the winning Philidor Position in time, or will he fall just short of winning before the 50 move rule. Watch and find out!

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  1. I cant find this on Chess Mobile apppp! Help


  3. @6:24: "What I really wish is there was a way to check and win… immediately." Story of my life, Danny!  =)

  4. they should invent a new title for danny: DM – drama master
    every vid he makes is a drama/thriller :p
    love it

  5. The drill feature is a little flawed IMO. The engine's "best moves" when followed dont always win, whereas human moves are winning in the same position.

  6. That was so entertaining! The nail biting cliff hanger…

  7. lol the machine keeps saying his moves are blunders 😛

  8. Take the rook first and then checkmate. How hard can it be?

  9. Hi Daniel Rensch. Im playing on my iPad for almost 5 years. Can you please make an update like the computer version on IOS version. Thanks

  10. If it was that hard for Danny, I stand no chance.

  11. It's good to see this site constantly evolving and improving, good job Danny!!

  12. DANNY COME ON! On the 49th move you had Qg1+, forking king and rook, and on the 50th move you could have captured the rook!!

  13. Danny – thank you for this. While I intend to practice with's drills, I found the part where you were unsure to be the most instructional, move 38-40-ish onwards. Seeing a titled player's thought process, idea discovery, pattern recognition, etc., as it happens live is truly insightful for us non-titled players. So thank you sir. Cheers

  14. Glad to see a master can also struggle, makes me feel better, thanks Danny!

  15. where is the drills section i do not see it under learn, is it the same as computer workout?

  16. very clever technique from the computer, always using the diagonal of your king to hide

  17. These lessons could be a lot more entertaining…

  18. This guy plays chess for a living and he couldn't even beat this no way im trying this

  19. is this feature for premium accounts only?

  20. I can't find King and Queen vs. King and Rook

  21. move 20 qf3 is the best and it wind the game Mr.danielrensch

  22. Lol, Danny, go get Derek Grimmell's Q vs R training database.

  23. Question ???How does drills give advice ?? Where's the answers? Your only right or wrong and no help? The 💡 light on iOS doesn't reliably work. So no coach. Please if someone else knows the work around please inform me??

  24. On your 20th move you should have played Qg3

  25. movement 42 is very curious, it has nothing to do with what I had been doing and after that all that you throw are correct for the machine. very curious

  26. To all the idiots who have no idea, QvR endgames are almost impossible to win without blunders unless you learn the patterns specific to them. Let alone IMs making videos, GMs struggle. That said, Danny obviously hasn’t studied it properly himself.

  27. What about 18. Qb7+ (Fork on Black king and Rook)?

  28. The setup with the King on the edge of the board (a-file in this example) and its Rook cutting Queen's King off, is a typical defence; I have worked out a logical step-by-step winning method.

  29. This makes me feel a lot better about my chess 😂😂😂

  30. Why that guy teaching us when himself does not know. And do you remember, starting he said, engine is blundering and I am gonna win rook 😂😂😂

  31. This makes me think that even I can become an International Master 🙂

  32. IMHO the end game should be based on certain rules, and should be just robotic to win.

  33. Sorry Danny, but you failing this is awesome.

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