Punishing Beginner Mistakes | Ponziani Opening

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In this video I play a rapid chess game against fellow Twitch Streamer vengaard_live () who is a relatively new to chess— only been playing for ~3 months! In the game, I unleash the Ponziani Opening and proceed to show no mercy. I hope this game provides some instructional value when it comes to exploiting common beginner mistakes and using basic tactics to seize the advantage. Towards the end of the game (once I achieved a decisive material advantage) I put more of my focus towards answering various questions from the Twitch Chat. After the game, I provide some basic tips and advice and show how black could have improve the opening play against the Ponziani.
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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for – chess with commentary. Never mind that the player was new. Thanks for making this video

  2. The black was capable of playing a little trick there, it was after the Queen pins the knight he could play a6 and after knight takes we play b5 so there the white player must saves his queen and he looses a knight for free.

  3. I definitely pronounce Lichess like the bits robot voice does. To imply that Lich is a masculine term and Lichess is its feminine form.

  4. 7. Qxe4 was a mistake allowing black to equalize with 7.. Bd5

  5. I saw many moves that i personally think are better but idk if I'm not getting it

  6. "Chess kinda teaches concentration"
    Also him, in the middle of the game: "How to pronounce LICHESS 🤔"

  7. In my opinion chest teacher's patience and how to lose other than that nothing there's no focus I've gotten out of this cause I just keep getting s*** on And the patience to look and stay calm in a bad position is all I've really gained

  8. Hey guys new to chess was wondering if anyone could share some knowledge, why would we not go knight to f7 here at 8:25 ? as it would get us a 3 way fork with the 2 rooks and queen, because the bishop is pinning the black queen black has to move the queen so they cant use the light square bishop to take our knight and we just win a rook?

  9. Queen takes rook D7 at 11:27 ?? Checkmate????
    Lechess means milk en Espanola 😋

  10. The endgame is a joke with so much material more for white than black!

  11. If you look at the engine analysis, white made a lot of mistakes.

  12. Its xmas day here, bit bored at 7am!… chess? Yeah, why not? Couldnt find a game i wanted on play store so i googled chess. This is first video i clicked on. Subscribe? Yes! Chess- 20+ years after i played daily and just watching this made me decide to play again. I like your narrative style Eric. Thanks!

  13. i have a question . sometimes my king cant take the queen . iam a beginner can somebody help ?

  14. I watched it at x2 speed, so boring zzzz

  15. 11:30 If u woul have gone foer the tower with your queen it would have been over… or did i get somthing wrong?

  16. nothing improves focus more than Adderall, tried everything, all those natural alternatives doesn't do the trick…

  17. 13:13 he(black) could've done Queen D6 and Castle D8, it would be restricted but at least he wouldn't fuck up

  18. Just found your channel, love your calmness and peace. I usually get overwhelm with Hikaru or Levy too quick.
    I could watch you for hours and never feel tired tho!

  19. Curious how white would have responded to black queen to D5 rather than his queen move D6.
    Just caught this video.

  20. Frankly, Eric, it’s people like you (beginner mistakes; show no mercy) why I am no longer interested in chess and have concluded that many players, like you, who are talented and knowledgeable, but who have such a shallow and immature view of life that you have to crush someone who is new and enthusiastic for your own ego-gratification, make learning not worth it. Y’all have fun with your little game.

  21. in the 7th what if black plays bishop to d5?

  22. 1. e4

    "Seems like he knows the basics"


  23. Watch inches while being high, might be one of my best activities at the moment

  24. I have learned some good moves from this video. Watching such long video is boring but it is good for learning purpose.

  25. If li is short for libre, so it would be free chess, I like Lee chess because it rhymes with free chess

  26. I'm a beginner but I have a question. At 8:58 your queens I threatened by a pawn and you move you queen back to e2. Why don't you move it to e3 instead and have the same line and protect both the Knight AND the Bishop? I bet I'm missing something, but what is that?

  27. I love how a beginner is 1500, I've played for a year 3500 games and only just reached 950

  28. Nf7 was a royal fork , attacking 2 rooks and a queen

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