Rare Chess Endgame Trick!

Rare Chess Endgame Trick!


  1. You most likely promote to bishop, you can't afford to promote to queen or rock cause has stated in the video if you check the king you lose, knight can pass throw units so its too hard to get a tie with a knight so it's has to be bishop, and from then let go to the shit show stockfish level tie

  2. What? why eating a pawn with a king make it a stalemate? Black king is in the edge, trapping him is easy as ever

  3. how does having 2 rooks against just a king result in a draw? its easy to get checkmate with 2 rooks, so what makes it draw?

  4. Actually this is a very easy win! The objective of chess is to take your opponents king right? Well just snatch it up from off the board and run as fast as you can! Easy win!

  5. Cant I promote to a knight to fork the rook and stop rook d1?

  6. Promote to a knight, if he takes its draw, if he don't take you take the rook

  7. I don't know but my mind says… He sacrifice the ROOOOOOK!!!

  8. Ok after pushing the pawn one square then why did we rush after you escape with your king? I would simply get my king close to my queen as close as possible to get better results

  9. yeah but you are literally unable to make any other move, its not really a puzzle when you only have one legal move

  10. What if you transform ur pawn into a horse?

  11. Can,t you just move to a3 with your Queen

  12. instead of queen make knight and take rook then try take the other and draw

  13. what if you didnt make a queen but a knight or something

  14. I mean isn’t it easy this time it’s just pawn to c1 if he takes its stalemate and if he goes to e2 you can fork king and took on c2

  15. I would turn the pawn into a horse, and then i would attack your rook at b3

  16. Promote to knight to make it harder for oppent to checkmate

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