Rare Chess Endgame Trick!

Rare Chess Endgame Trick!


  1. FOOOOL! i under promote to a KNIGHT! now its not even check!

    . . .

    i mean you could still probably checkmate me but i dunno

  2. Promote to a horse, the. It’s forced stalemate

  3. What if the queen just takes? Would that be stalemate too?

  4. Maybe try to do upgrade to a knight and play with checks

  5. What if I just move the pond and then just start moving the king all the way down I'm I dumb for asking can't tell

  6. the blac- will be stalemated so its a draw

  7. Promote to a knight And threaten the rook, if Rd1 is still played take a rook

  8. What happens if you turn it into a knight?

  9. It Was EASY obviously you could (edit: not) draw

  10. I think you could pawn 2c then king 2d then pawn 1c then king 1c

  11. And if they promote to a horsey then they can take the rook

  12. You said can it be a draw. Yes it can be a draw, even with the way you said in the beginning. Sooooo

  13. Qd7 ra1 qa7 rxa7 kxa7 then white could mate with the rook but you could try to get a 50 move rule as black?

  14. Could promoting to knight stall even longer?

  15. making a knight is the only way to survive, i think

  16. Not good in chess but can someone tell me why it is a draw in the first play? Isn't the king trapped?

  17. Or you know, be a better chess player and promote to a knight

  18. Couldn’t the white rooks just bridged over and won within the first move?

  19. I keep getting into rook;king endgames where I just end up creating draw after draw but then I found this where the enemy king has to be on the 2nd / 7th row or b file / g file to pull a checkmate off

  20. im kinda new to chess but what if you underpromote to a knight?

  21. Queen a1 is Check and they can’t check you because you can just take the rook if they do.

  22. Yes! I hate that people who spam "ez"! It is so annoying!

  23. I think you should check king with pone so he have to take it and it stealmate (haven’t watch it yet)

  24. Thurl Music 2022 and whats contained therein says:

    promote to knight?

  25. Well thats what you think but i premote to a knight

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