Rare Chess Endgame Trick!

Rare Chess Endgame Trick!


  1. FOOOOL! i under promote to a KNIGHT! now its not even check!

    . . .

    i mean you could still probably checkmate me but i dunno

  2. Promote to a horse, the. It’s forced stalemate

  3. What if the queen just takes? Would that be stalemate too?

  4. Maybe try to do upgrade to a knight and play with checks

  5. What if I just move the pond and then just start moving the king all the way down I'm I dumb for asking can't tell

  6. the blac- will be stalemated so its a draw

  7. Promote to a knight And threaten the rook, if Rd1 is still played take a rook

  8. What happens if you turn it into a knight?

  9. It Was EASY obviously you could (edit: not) draw

  10. I think you could pawn 2c then king 2d then pawn 1c then king 1c

  11. And if they promote to a horsey then they can take the rook

  12. You said can it be a draw. Yes it can be a draw, even with the way you said in the beginning. Sooooo

  13. Qd7 ra1 qa7 rxa7 kxa7 then white could mate with the rook but you could try to get a 50 move rule as black?

  14. Could promoting to knight stall even longer?

  15. making a knight is the only way to survive, i think

  16. Not good in chess but can someone tell me why it is a draw in the first play? Isn't the king trapped?

  17. Or you know, be a better chess player and promote to a knight

  18. Couldn’t the white rooks just bridged over and won within the first move?

  19. I keep getting into rook;king endgames where I just end up creating draw after draw but then I found this where the enemy king has to be on the 2nd / 7th row or b file / g file to pull a checkmate off

  20. im kinda new to chess but what if you underpromote to a knight?

  21. Queen a1 is Check and they can’t check you because you can just take the rook if they do.

  22. Yes! I hate that people who spam "ez"! It is so annoying!

  23. I think you should check king with pone so he have to take it and it stealmate (haven’t watch it yet)

  24. Thurl Music 2022 and whats contained therein says:

    promote to knight?

  25. Well thats what you think but i premote to a knight

  26. You most likely promote to bishop, you can't afford to promote to queen or rock cause has stated in the video if you check the king you lose, knight can pass throw units so its too hard to get a tie with a knight so it's has to be bishop, and from then let go to the shit show stockfish level tie

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