Road To Master | How To Study Chess

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  1. I’m sure I’m being oblivious, but Danya didn’t cover it in the video — after Qd6+ Kg8 gxh7 Kh8 why isn’t Be7 winning?

  2. Holy Cow! It will take me a century to solve this.

  3. So how is study different from puzzle?

  4. I find studies usually to be ridiculously difficult and very impractical in view of real chess situations.

  5. This isn't how to study chess, it's how to solve chess studies.

  6. Matous was a Fide Master I believe – his obituary is very interesting

  7. The definition of cooked? It's cooked! After bishop takes queen a1, stockfish moved knight to b5 and if king moves to e6, knight to c3 blocking checkmate! And winning the game.

  8. I had no idea this world of chess existed. Love your channel!!

  9. This is easily the most beautiful study I've ever seen.

  10. Interesting fact: Stockfish (in lichess) finds the solution. But when I change the initial position with the black pawn in a4 instead of a5 (which leads to a forced checkmate in 12 instead of 13), Stockfish doesn't find the solution until I show it the move Bc7.

  11. wHaTsApP✙❶❷❶⓿❻❷❷❷⓿❽❹ says:

    Nice video 👍I just appreciate the fact that you take your time to educate your viewers. I learn alot from you . And I am glad to be a subscriber on your channel that way I never miss out the good stuffs.

  12. great video. absolutely blew my mind

  13. I’ll have to take a draw and start a new game. I play to relax

  14. I watch so many chess videos and I play so much chess but i get regularly outplayed by 1100 and cant get past 1200

  15. actually hype over a chess puzzle.. the prophet explained the final subtlety, perfecting the bishop's move order, and i was grinning like an idiot. sign of a good teacher?

  16. that's one of the most brilliant things i've ever seen. And your effortless explanation made for a wonderful video

  17. Great video (except for the title – a chess study isn't studying chess). Would love to see more content on compositions like this one.

  18. Would love to see more videos like this, this is so beautifull

  19. 1. Qd6 Kg8 2. gh+ Kh8
    Black doesn't really threat Qe6+ here because white can take and go Kg6, and then mate with the bishop.
    I mean 3. Ba5 and it isn't absolutely clear how to draw it for black

  20. Bishop check then queen check than reflect king by pawn

  21. I really need these studies, the puzzles aren't really helping me out neither is analyzing. I'm starting to get to the rating where positional chess is becoming more important and necessary

  22. What’s the name of the song that’s playing in the beginning?

  23. Thanks for explications. That were really good.

  24. This convinced me I will never be great at chess.

  25. After Be5 found I thought I am done! 😅😅

  26. I love endgame studies because it opens your mind to improve your calculation, the first moves i looked at was Bc7 Qg4 and Bxa5 im not an avid study solver i just look at every possiblity and danya does great with his explanations

    So here is the tip, Look at every move possible even the "stupid" ones

  27. This study is mate in 13 for white. I'm running an i7 processor with16gb ram, and Stockfish 15 at depth 60 cannot find the mate. Says +0.00 and gives Qd6+ Kg8 gxh7 as the top line. Amazing study! Stockfish looking rather silly.

  28. I found a funny queen sacrifice lol. saw Qb5, if Qxb5 then Be7! Kg8 f7! Kh8, f8=Q# lol

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