Rook & Pawn Checkmate

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  1. You should learn more about the game before you play games with a short time clock. For the rook and pawn ending, you want to get your King to the queening square and walk the pawn up using your King. The rook is largely irrelevant, just keep your King next to your pawn and walk it up the board.

  2. I was thinking: "Why this guy is so bad?" Then I saw he is 800 lol

  3. Missed Checkmate in 1. Pls do try to practice seeing those

  4. Chess was just being popularized in like 3 years since Covid and we got the nerds here thinking that this is the most important thing in everyone's life Yes, I'm a chess enjoyer, my elo is 600This guy can beat my ass no cap but I got a job to do, studies to pursuit and achievements I wantPeople forget REALLY need to make something their whole personality 🀷

  5. accidentally i loved it πŸ™‚ u just ignored mate in one and went for the mate int 2 πŸ™‚

  6. Hey I have been watching u since long, I wanna mention that u HAVE NOT made any progress over a long span. I'm a 2100 elo rn, was a 1500 elo since I started watching u. I would highly recommend u to take some serious actions regarding it.
    Pls dont take it as demotivation but a reality check.

  7. actual brain rot
    you've been playing over a year
    learn to think and improve don't just be a zombie

  8. Wow these comments suck… Good game keep up the good work

  9. Can you play with me brother please 30 min rapid game

  10. Really good patience. Nice quick calculations!

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