Rook vs 3 Pawns, Advanced Chess End Game

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  1. White is winning pawn in v type and king is in the.middle..for his shelter…not diagonal pawn structures .Andrea..

  2. This is easily the best she's ever looked

  3. What about pawn h7 after king f5? Queen vs rook

  4. End games are so difficult. You typically cant plan only a couple back and forths for key decision and time also often matters.

  5. Any move you do that result in a losing tide is called a zugzwang

  6. I was playing in this position with one of my Academy seniors.But he wasn't much learned.He had rook and I had 3 pawns.Guess what?I managed to get all my 3 pawns on the 7th rank!Then he resigned.I won against one of my seniors!That ws on of the most happiest days of my life!

  7. No no no much simpler solution scrap the endgame only play the botez gambit

  8. "Never even seen someone defeating himself"💀

  9. Bro the time you take the pawn,white welp the 3rd pawn can move forward and the rook can not do anything! By this way any move would just result in a loss of black!

  10. Notice how the engine says that it’s forced mate, but as soon as Andrea moves the rook it no longer is? It’s not hate just a funny detail

  11. White can ignore the pawn on f7 and can promote the pawn on the h file

  12. Whatwhat if the king just doesn’t go to the h file?

  13. Ra4 is better because no matter what you are taking at least a pawn

  14. not “anywhere the king moves, rf4” if kh3 is followed by rf4, black blundered the game

  15. Wait can someone explain why when the black king moves forward yes white loses th pawn but what if they push the h pawn

  16. This is a really easy position considering the king is stoping the pawns. For instance from the starting position Rf8 is one of at least 3 winning moves

  17. when you mived the Black king to f5, white pawn is ready to move h7

  18. Rook F1 king g3 opponent king F5 pawn h7?

  19. When the king gets to f5 I can just push the h6 pawn to promotion and then it’s just rook vs queen

  20. I am very sorry I did not see the chess board before I saw people talking about it in the comments.

  21. Funny getting chess lessons from an 1800😂 but at least her voice sounds hot

  22. Imagine how this position would look in the ass of Hans fucking Niemann…

  23. Can’t with someone who lost to magnus 5 times

  24. White can simply check with the pawn after the stupid rook move

  25. waffle waffle waffle n when she finally gets to the point, she removes the board…. yer shit

  26. wow I can't believe it took so many takes for such a simple position :0

  27. Miss the final because you took out the thing

  28. Im in love with this girl i wish im arround to invite her for dinner or something but unfortunately that would never happen lol so wish her good life

  29. If she's my coach. Chess won't be hard anymore, just my-

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